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Deerborn Industries is supplying top quality Sports Apparel. We cover whole range of garments like Compression Wears, Sports Wears, Leisure Wears, Cyclig Wears, Professional Wears and Rugby Uniforms.

Deerborn Industries
mainly produce casual sports wears, which contain football suits and swimming suits. Knitting and woven wear are our strong point. Our products are favored by people all over the world, including Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East, and other areas.
Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle Clothing additional warmth and comfort many motorcyclists will prefer to wear a special design of motorcycle underwear that in cold  weather will act like a heater and comfortable. Some Motorbike Clothing, Motorcycle Gear or Motorbike apparel made from polyester material can comfort to you and after a while can become safe in cold autumn days.
For riding on those cold autumn days when there is a bite in the air but not cold enough wear heated motorcycle clothing then warm motorcycle thermal clothing will improve your comfort....

Compression Clothing

Compression clothing usually worn by athletes. They may be shorts, tights or underwear. They are form fitting garment and when worn cover the athlete's waist to mid or lower thigh. These garments are often made from a spandex-type material.
The main benefits of compression wear is that it keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. In addition, there is some evidence that compression short, Compression shirt, Compression tight may enhance athletic performance. Yoga wear also enhance the performance....

Cycling Clothing

Cycling clothing does not differ radically from other outdoor clothing. The concept of layering Bicycle clothing to wick sweat, insulate, and protect you from the elements still applies. Wearing layers also makes it easy to take off a put on items to regulate your warmth while cycling. Technical synthetic fibers – lightweight polyesters, nylons, and stretch fabrics – move with you and dry quickly.  Ride in comfort and style: We stock an extensive collection of quality cycle gear for men and women in a variety of sizes and fits, including the hard to find plus size. DeerBorn Provide cycling jerseys, Cycling Shorts, Cycling Gloves, Rain Jackets, Knee Slider, Balaclavas, Cycling Tights well-padded cycling knickers and bike shorts, vibrant designs, and long sleeve cycle jersey....

Cricket Clothing

Game Clothing has a comprehensive range of cricket apparel that meets the demands of a range of playing conditions. Our cricket Gear will help improve your performance whilst being comfortable and helping to reduce fatigue. We offer a range of traditional white cricket uniforms Cricket Kits to modern sublimated Jersey, Sublimated Pant, design to suit your team colours and logos.

Our Cricket Clothing is made from light weight breathable material for comfort in the outfield. We also use Medium weight polyester which means that your pants will be hard wearing and stain resistant. We can also use the latest sublimation techniques on your cricket clothing to ensure that your team stands out from the crowd....

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